Consistent and Dedicated Support

Follow our quick steps to get started on STELARA®:


Prescribe STELARA® for Crohn’s Disease

Write 2 Prescriptions for STELARA®1

One for the single intravenous (IV) induction dose* and 1 for subcutaneous (subQ) maintenance treatment.


How to prescribe STELARA® (ustekinumab)

*The single IV infusion dose and number of vials are determined using a weight-based dosage regimen: STELARA® 260 mg (55 kg or less), STELARA® 390 mg (more than 55 kg to 85 kg), or STELARA® 520 mg (more than 85 kg). Please refer to the full Prescribing Information for the complete dosing information.1

Perform 2 Benefits Investigations

Perform both medical and pharmacy benefits investigations at the same time—the time of prescription—in order to continually support access to treatment.

Filling out the Benefit Investigation and Prescription Form eliminates the need to write 2 prescriptions and perform 2 separate benefits investigations. Our Care Coordinators can perform a dual benefits investigation, deliver prior authorization support and status monitoring, and provide information on exceptions and appeals.


Complete and Submit the Benefit Investigation and Prescription Enrollment Form

Enroll Your Patient in Nurse Navigators From Janssen CarePath

Dedicated Nurse Navigators provide support to help your patients start and stay on prescribed therapy

  • Consistent communication during IV induction and subQ injection maintenance
  • Live injection training at no cost, so patients feel more confident with self-injection
  • Personalized education on benefits coverage and cost support resources to keep STELARA® accessible


Live injection training may not be available in all areas. Patients are asked to give one week's notice when requesting self-injection training.

2Verify Patient Insurance Benefits

Simultaneously Verify Benefits for the Initial STELARA® Infusion and Maintenance Injections

STELARA® is available on approximately 70% of commercial plans requiring no biologic step edits2‡§║


Verify medical benefit coverage
$5 a dose IV

Enroll patient in co-pay savings program to keep treatment affordable
The Janssen CarePath Savings Program for STELARA® allows patients to pay only $5 per dose.#

STELARA® Customer Support

Janssen CarePath can provide support during the exceptions and appeals process



Verify pharmacy benefit coverage
$5 a dose SubQ

Enroll patient in co-pay savings program to keep treatment affordable
The Janssen CarePath Savings Program for STELARA® allows patients to pay only $5 per dose.#

Janssen Link

Obtain ongoing coverage for commercial patients without access
When commercial insurance is delayed (>5 days) or denied, your eligible patients will receive STELARA® at no cost. The Janssen Link program is ongoing until your patients receive coverage. If patient receives coverage within 90 days, this will be transitioned to commercial product.**††


For patients needing additional assistance, view more affordability options at Janssen CarePath.

Separate financial support and access may be available for eligible patients without insurance coverage through the Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. Please visit or call 800-652-6227 for more information.

Requiring no step edits indicates a drug will be given first-line biologic access and will not require stepping through other biologic therapies.

§Including UnitedHealthcare® (UHC), UHC West®, OptumRx®, Aetna®, Anthem®, Express Scripts® National Preferred/Basic, and Humana® (medical benefit only) as of July 1, 2017.

Step edits required by biologic-naïve patients only.

In some instances, IV may be covered by pharmacy benefits.

#Subject to a $20,000 annual maximum benefit per calendar year; for medication costs only; not available to patients who use any state or federal government-subsidized healthcare program to cover a portion of medication costs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE®, Department of Defense, or Veterans Administration; additional eligibility restrictions apply.

**If prior authorization is denied after an appeal has been filed, eligible patients will receive STELARA® at no charge until the end of the current program year. Patients who begin participation in the program during the months of November or December will be approved through the following calendar year.

††Please see for more details. Federal government-subsidized healthcare programs are not eligible.


3Start STELARA® With a Single IV Induction and SubQ Maintenance Dose


If your practice has infusion capabilities
  • Order IV from a Specialty Distributor authorized to sell STELARA®
  • Schedule and complete infusion
If your practice refers out for infusion
  • Determine preferred location for infusion (Don’t have one? Visit to locate one)
  • Refer patient to preferred location for infusion
  • Confirm with the infusion site and patient that infusion has taken place
When your patient is ready for maintenance treatment
  • Janssen CarePath will send the prescription for first and subsequent injections to the Specialty Pharmacy of your choice
  • Specialty Pharmacy sends the first STELARA® subQ dose to your office or directly to your patient
  • Patient receives the first STELARA® subQ injection in your office or self-administers at home (after training from your office or a Nurse Navigator)
  • Specialty Pharmacy sends subsequent maintenance doses directly to patient as prescribed
Download Dosing and Administration Guide

A guide containing details on how to prepare and administer STELARA® for both IV infusion and subQ maintenance dosing.

References: 1. STELARA [package insert]. Horsham, PA: Janssen Biotech, Inc; 2016 2. Data on file. Janssen Biotech, Inc.