In active psoriatic arthritisSafety Data From Clinical Trials

PHASE 3: Pooled safety data: PSUMMIT I and PSUMMIT II at Week 16 (placebo-controlled period)1-3



  • Through Week 16, no cases of tuberculosis or opportunistic infections were reported2
  • Through Week 24, injection-site reactions occurred in 14 (1.5%) patients taking placebo, 6 (1.5%) patients taking STELARA® 45 mg, and 8 (2.2%) patients taking STELARA® 90 mg2

*Squamous cell carcinoma in situ in an area of cleared psoriasis.2

The overall safety profile of STELARA® was consistent with that seen in plaque psoriasis and Crohn’s disease studies.4


View PSUMMIT I safety data through Week 108



See the safety data of STELARA® evaluated in plaque psoriasis clinical studies.

Integrated Safety Summary Through 1 Year of Treatment (PsA) 2,5




  • The percentage of patients in the PsA phase 2 study who received MTX was 20.5%. No concomitant DMARDs with the exception of MTX (approximately 50% of patients in each study) were permitted in the 2 PsA phase 3 studies


PsA studies included the Phase 2 (through Week 36), PSUMMIT 1 (through Week 52), and PSUMMIT 2 (through Week 60) trials with 222, 615, and 312 patients exposed to STELARA®, respectively.

Includes data up to the time of early escape or crossover.

§Includes data from the first ustekinumab dose onward for subjects from placebo crossover, early escape, STELARA® 45 mg, and STELARA® 90 mg groups.

Confidence intervals based on an exact method assuming that the observed number of events follows a Poisson distribution.




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