Janssen CarePath

Access support

to help navigate payer processes

Janssen CarePath helps verify insurance coverage for your patients taking STELARA® and provides reimbursement information.

Online benefits investigation and prior authorization support at JanssenCarePathPortal.com

Affordability support

to help your patients start and stay on the treatment you prescribe

Janssen CarePath can help you find out what affordability assistance may be available for your patients taking STELARA®.

Comprehensive Provider Portal to enroll eligible patients in the Janssen CarePath Savings Program and more at JanssenCarePathPortal.com

Treatment support

to help your patients get informed and stay on STELARA® that you prescribed

Janssen CarePath provides additional support to your patients, including patient education, web-based resources, and personalized reminders.

Janssen CarePath

Support for patients using commercial or private insurance to pay for medication

Janssen CarePath Savings Program can help eligible patients save on their out-of-pocket medication costs for STELARA®. Your eligible patients will pay $5 per dose with a $20,000 maximum program benefit per calendar year. Not valid for patients using Medicare, Medicaid, or other government-funded programs to pay for their medications. Terms expire at the end of each calendar year and may change. Program does not cover the cost to give patients their treatment. See full eligibility requirements.

Online enrollment and tracking of patient Savings Program benefits by you, the pharmacy, or the patient

Providers can enroll and help manage patients’ Savings Program benefits with a Provider Portal Account at JanssenCarePathPortal.com

Patients can manage Savings Program benefits and more on their Janssen CarePath Account at MyJanssenCarePath.com